Media Appearances, Publications and Conference Talks

Date Topic Publisher
04/27/2024 Public Talk BSides Cymru 2024  
04/27/2024 Public Talk: Practical security challenges posed by AI adoption: Code Quality and Threat Modeling BSides Cymru, Watch on YouTube(soon)
04/11/2024 Raspberry Robin Malware  
04/11/2024 Raspberry Robin Malware Evolves with Sophisticated Evasion Tactics Secure World Magazine
04/10/2024 Raspberry Robin Observed Spreading via Windows Script Files SC Magazine
03/19/2024 2023 Threat Intelligence Report  
03/19/2024 End of year Report - 2023 Threat Intelligence Report Ontinue Resources
03/19/2024 Navigating the Complex Cybersecurity Landscape Ontinue Blog
03/19/2024 Research Shows IT and Construction Sectors Hardest Hit By Ransomware Infosecurity Magazine
03/19/2024 Threats Shaping the Cyber Threat Landscape VMBlog
03/14/2024 Security Data Management  
03/14/2024 10 Tips for Better Security Data Management DarkReading
02/23/2024 Red Teaming GenAI  
02/23/2024 Microsoft Unveils PyRIT, a Red Teaming Tool for Generative AI
02/16/2024 RansomHouse using MrAgent to track deployment accross VMware ESXi hypervisors  
02/16/2024 ‘MrAgent’ ransomware tool from RansomHouse Group targets ESXi servers SC Magazine
02/08/2024 Linux Shim Vulnerability  
02/08/2024 Linux Devs Rush to Patch Critical Vulnerability in Shim Infosecurity Magazine
03/29/2024 Urgent Response: Linux Developers Swiftly Patch Critical Vulnerability in Shim NixOS Pro
01/22/2024 Mint SandStorm  
01/22/2024 Constantly Changing Threat Landscape - page 10 Channel Futures
01/19/2024 Microsoft: Iranian Hackers Evolving Techniques in Espionage Campaigns SecureWorld
01/19/2024 Iran’s Mint Sandstorm Hits Universities with Hamas-Israel Phishing Scam
01/19/2024 Iran’s Mint Sandstorm APT Hits Universities with Hamas-Israel Phishing Scam HackRead
01/18/2024 Mint Sandstorm targets high-profile Middle East researchers SC Magazine
01/13/2024 FBot  
01/13/2024 What is FBot? Managed Service Provider Association of America
01/12/2024 FBot Hacking Tool Targets Major Cloud Services SC Magazine
01/13/2024 Ivanti Critical Patch  
01/05/2024 Ivanti Patches Critical Flaw in its EPM Software SC Magazine
01/13/2024 JetBrains TeamCity Supply Chain Attack  
12/21/2023 The JetBrains TeamCity software supply chain attack: Lessons learned Security Boulevard
12/21/2023 Jetbrains TeamCity Software Supply-chain Attack: A Sunburst Redux Reversing Labs
01/10/2023 Data Breach Trends and Outlook January 2023  
01/10/2023 Public Talk: Data Breach Trends and Outlook January 2023 ATED ICT Ticino, AIEA, ISACA Switzerland Chapter, ISACA Milan Chapter in collaboration with SUPSI Lugano